What We do

At Chindu, we foster personal and societal growth through diverse initiatives, empowering individuals to unlock their potential and cultivate self-awareness. Advocating for gender equality and championing child empowerment, we utilize theatre, arts, documentaries, and audio albums to spark dialogue and inspire positive change within communities. Our initiatives and workshops cover various aspects of these areas, and we also offer tailored workshops to address your organization’s specific context and requirements.

Areas of Focus

Leadership Development

We bolster self-awareness, core purpose, and values, refining them into assets for success in both professional and personal capacities. We motivate individuals to leverage their intellectual, emotional, spiritual, psychological, and physical resources to embrace life’s journey.

Theatre and Arts

We instruct diverse theatre techniques, utilizing theatre as an interactive instrument for societal transformation. Through our approach, we cultivate awareness and fresh viewpoints on life’s events and global occurrences.

Gender Education

Chindu delves into gender dynamics to uncover and convey the essence of gender equality within institutions and organizations. We elucidate the impact of gender on individuals’ experiences in the world.

Documentaries / Short Films

: We capture deep-rooted cultural values, artistic traditions, and evolving experiences of individuals and communities, fostering critical discourse and cultivating positive community images.

Child Empowerment

Child Empowerment: We empower children to develop creativity, proactivity, expressiveness, and assertiveness in both their personal and communal spheres. We foster communities’ involvement in nurturing children to achieve their fullest potential.

Audio Albums

We specialize in producing music that harmoniously blends traditional and modern rhythms, capturing the essence of cultural heritage while infusing it with contemporary vitality. Our compositions reflect the diverse spirit of individuals and communities, revitalizing and inspiring audiences

Our Competency

We have undergone training in Coaching, Leadership, and Strategy Development courses offered by Learning Network, Bangalore, and Yawar Baig and Associates, Hyderabad. Our team has participated in International Group Relations Conferences organized by the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in the UK. Additionally, we hold accreditation as trainers in Playback Theatre and Listening Hour and possess expertise in Drama Therapy, Psychodrama, and Theatre of the Oppressed. With experience spanning from grassroots to international arenas, we excel in delivering cultural concerts. Furthermore, our proficiency in producing music and films enables us to effectively communicate with communities on a wider scale.

Our Methodology

At Chindu, we harness the power of art and theatre for transformation. Our interventions and workshops incorporate interactive exercises, music, dance, meditation, and audio-visual mediums. We specialize in improvisational theatre forms such as Playback Theatre, Drama Therapy, Psychodrama, and Theatre of the Oppressed, tailored to the specific context. These techniques foster critical thinking skills, enabling the analysis of community situations and fostering active dialogue among participants and audiences.

Current Projects

Seeds for Change

The “Seeds for Change” project is designed as a continuation of our previous “Sthree Kala” project. Gender sensitivity, women empowerment and child rights have emerged as the
Foremost development concerns in India

Seeds for Change

The “Seeds for Change” project is designed as a continuation of our previous “Sthree Kala” project. Gender sensitivity, women empowerment and child rights have emerged as the
foremost development concerns in India

Past Projects

Sthree Kala – Women Dream

Despite playing a vital role in the development of the country, women face a multitude of problems due to their gender. Although each women-beneficiary group has its own unique needs, almost all women face stress and trauma due to either low socioeconomic status, lack of
education, and/or patriarchal cultural beliefs.

Project Mission

To capacitate women in the police department, prisons, rural villages, and educational institutions in the areas of identity, gender equity, and health.

The Dalit Culture

Dappu was a Dalit network focused on affirming Dalit leadership and cultural values but lacked in work ethic, accountability and transparency. The Dalit Culture project created a
value-based cultural resource to support Dappu in achieving its vision, mission, and objectives through the development of methodology and tools for assessing Dalit movements,
organizations, and leadership.

Project Mission

To interpret Dalit Culture & Values with new significance, within the larger Dappu network.

The Dalit Life

As the most marginalized section of Indian society, Dalits have faced socio-cultural exclusion, economic deprivation, and political exploitation for centuries. Dalit women are most adversely affected by this oppression while Dalit youth are exploited as child labourers throughout India. Dalit women need to be developed in leadership skills to improve the conditions of their lives while Dalit youth need to be educated.

Project Mission

To empower Dalit life to suit modern times in Andhra Pradesh.

Exploring a Culture for Peace & Justice

Due to caste, religion, and gender-based discrimination inflicted by dominant groups, marginalized communities face psychological trauma in India. This project utilizes theatre
Techniques to increase confidence and raise the voices of Tribals, Dalits, and women against their oppressors. By generating cultural perspectives and practices, the beneficiaries have been able to overcome psychological trauma developed from years of suppression and subjugation.

Project Mission

To initiate an attitudinal change in victims of socio-cultural injustice, with a focus on tribals, Dalits and women.

For queries regarding careers/internships with us, email: info@chindu.org

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