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Dalit Festivals

Chindu believes in recovering the wisdom of our ancestors on questions of life and death, creation and procreation, work and leisure, sorrow and happiness. Keeping this in mind, it explores and facilitates Dalit festivals with new meanings for the assertion of Dalit cultural values and rights.

The Dalit memorial event is an instance of transforming a festival of remembrance of ancestors into a collective action, which helps build a spiritual relationship within the community. Through the event, community members recollect and reconnect with the sacrifices and values of their ancestors. The event also enables them to look back at their past with a new perspective.

The Ambedkar festival celebrates Dr. BR Ambedkar’s birth anniversary by honouring students for achieving certain milestones in their educational journey. It also presents an opportunity to acknowledge the parents who accompany their children. The event creates a common platform for all castes and classes to participate in and celebrate the success of their children, and recall the stature of Ambedkar not only as a Dalit leader but also as a statesman of national significance.